събота, 31 март 2012 г.


Hello friends!
Today I wanted something stamped on my nails. And here is what I`ve done ->>>

I`m so sorry I couldn`t catch the real colour which is soooo nice. It`s Flormar Supershine 04 and it`s soft orange creme with gold shimmer.

Maybe the third pic shows its real colour so I`m showing it to you in a larger size ->

And zoomed with the decoration ->

Nice colour, great in two coats.
For the decoration I chose this stamping plate ->>>

Yes, it`s from Bundle Monster, as you`ve already seen it. I used white Konad paint to make the stamp. But that didn`t seemed enough to me and I decided to make some orange dots over the white ones, only smaller. And the result is much better :) Bubbly, ah? :)

петък, 30 март 2012 г.

Sunglasses at night? Why not! :)

Hello everyone!
Today is not so sunny as yesterday was but I decided to "put my sunglasses on" althought the clouds outside :)

I rarely wear black polishes, but this one is so nice with its millions of coloured glitters which unfortunately  don`t show up in this pic.
Anyway, the polish is from my favourite brand Catrice 440 'I Wear My Sunglasses At Night'.

It`s a polish so sparkling in the sun and when the flash of my camera lights. But, as I said, there is no sun today and I can`t catch its all beauty.

Two coats are enough for full coverage.
Here you can see the multicoloured glitters in the bottle ->>>

For the decoration I used white acrylic paint and detailed brush to paint the elements and added a little glitter in the leafs to make it more classy.
Hope you like it! :)

вторник, 27 март 2012 г.

Lorelei`s Tiara

Hello my friends!
Today I`m gonna show you something really cool and sparkylicious :) Yes, I`m talking about China Glaze`s "Lorelei`s Tiara"

And a beautiful decoration in blue and white on my pointers and middle fingers. But first, we start with the polish.

This is, as I already said, a sparkling polish full of silver glitter and bigger blue glitters. Let`s have a closer look ->>>

Two coats are completely enough to cover and to start shining! :)

Moving along with the decoration. I made white french on my pointers and middle fingers. Then I made the flower on each nail using white and blue acrylic paint and the well- known One stroke technique. I added a blue glittered strip below the flowers. A coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat and my nails are dazzling in the sun :)))

понеделник, 26 март 2012 г.


Needless to say that this colour of China Glaze became one of my favourites! :)

I wondered what sort of decoration will be perfect for it because the polish is perfect itself. And I chose stampings for my ring fingers. But let`s first start with the polish preview ->>>

China Glaze "Aquadelic" from the Electropop Collection

The colour is between green and blue neon and is from the colours that couldn`t be cought on camera. But I think I achieved to release the real colour.

The creme polish is thick enough and could be applied in one coat only if you`re precise, but I applied two coats and a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

For the decoration on my ring fingers I used this Bundle Monster BM-221 stamping plate and black Konad paint ->>>
 The stamping on one of the fingers has been smashed a little when I applied the top coat, but this happens almost everytime I use the black Konad paint :-/
And that`s it for today! Hope you had a great time with today`s reviews :)

New Polishes!

Hello friends! I can`t wait to show you my new sweet polishes! :) So I`m starting with the first two of them ->>>
They are both from Essie. I`m starting with preview of the first one- "She`s Picture Perfect":

It`s light lilac purple with so delicate shimmer in it! It`s from Essie Resort Collection. Here is applied on two coats without top coat.

The second polish from Essie is "Tour De Finance". It`s from their Spring collection ->>>

Great magenta pearl polish which catches the eye immediately! Two coats again and without top coat.

Others I will show you only in the bottles for now :) As soon as I can I will make preview for them, too :)
They`re from China Glaze.
"Aquadelic" (form the Electropop Collection) and "Lorelei`s Tiara" (from the Eye Candy 3-D Glitters Collection). Both are great!

 Orly- "Au Shampagne" from the Holiday Soiree Collection.

Zoya- "Rihana"

And OPI DS Extravagance from the Designer Series.

What do you think? :) I`m official polish addicted!!! Every new bottle of polish makes me feel so damn wonderful! :)))

неделя, 25 март 2012 г.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

This time I will show you one colour from Catrice, that is so fresh and nice but with awfull consistency! :(  It`s Catrice 390 'Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!'. I`m so sad to admit that, but it`s too thick polish and if you don`t carefully apply it,  it may became striped. Other minus of this polish is that I`ve got baloons all over the nails :( I don`t know if I have to blame myself for that or it`s just because of the polish, but I`ve got this for the first time. 
Anyway, here is the polish ->>>
It`s between yellow and green creme polish with soft shimmer in it which can be seen only in definite angle in the sun. Here you can see it in the bottle ->>>

I applied two coats to cover the stripes I`ve got :-/ And a coat of top coat.

As for the decoration on my ring fingers I made the gradient effect using sponge and yellow, orange and green polishes. Then I outlined the black lines with acrylic paints to make this design. Here is a video tutorial ->>>

Hope you like it, despite my problems with applying the polish.

Christmas 'Me To You'

I know we are far from the next Christmas but as I promissed I`ll show you the Christmas Me To You decorations from my nail art albums. I made them all with the transfer technique. I started with this one ->>>
which, in fact, was the beginning :)
The next ones you`ll see with french, whole red polished nails and so on varieties, as well as stamped snowflakes which I made using Konad m59 stamping plate and white Konad paint. In some of them I placed little hexagon glitters to sparkle.

And that`s it for this one. They look the same but I see them different everytime I paint them. And every nails are different. Hope you like them! :)

Me To You

Today I`ll focus my eye on the 'Me To You' decorations from my nail art albums. Theese cute little creatures allways make me smile. When I made them for the first time on my nails everybody liked them. And this was the beginning of a whole new nail series for me :) The cherry of the cake was making them for Christmas- everybody wanted to have them on their nails :) But I`ll show you the Christmas series in the next post because they are much more.
Let`s start with this one ->>>

This one I painted straight on my nails but the next ones I`ve made using the transfer technique that I often use for the animations.

As you see, I made a few tips with this cute bears
and the result on nails didn`t took long time to release :)

This 'Me To You' wave went all over the world which made me so happy. Many people began to paint them on nails inspired by me :))) I just LOVE them! :)