четвъртък, 7 юни 2018 г.

SUNUV Sun 7 UV/LED lamp- review

Hello there!

I haven`t posted for about two years but now I`m back with a review post of a wonderful product.
This is the new wireless UV/LED lamp from the brand SUNUV- Sun7

It was sent to me for my honest opinion, so I`ll let you know all about it 😊
It was pretty well packed with a paper box, but inside the box everything was packed in soft plastic bags.

The lamp has 48W power and cures both- UV and LED products. It also has digital time display and timer buttons for 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s. The default time is 120s.

It also has a plastic removable cover on the back ->

Inside the lamp has marks for every finger of the hand so you could feel more comfortable inside.

And the sensor is placed right after the first LED bead, which is, in fact, at the beginning and that makes the curing 100%, because there is no dead point. The thumb nail reaches the second bead, so you can be sure that all will be cured.

The most wonderful thing about this lamp is that it can work wireless. It has high performance power bank which is placed in the bottom of the lamp (optional).

The battery has "screen" showing the percent of life left before the next charging. You just have to press the small battery icon and the light shows up for a short.

It can be charged directly in the lamp, or outside it, using adapter or usb.

When you put the adapter on you can decide the position of the cable depends on your choice ->

The lamp is very compact and comfortable.

Overall, I think it`s very suitable for use because it`s wireless and you can place it anywhere.
You can buy yours  SUNUV Sun7 UV/LED lamp as you click the link. 😍

Hope you`ve enjoyed this post and the information I gave you will help you choosing the right nail lamp.
See you soon! 💓

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