събота, 30 ноември 2013 г.

Blue Magic Winter

Good evening friends!

I guess the blue magic caught me and this is the second mani I`m doing in blue one after another. :)

The gorgeous blue metallic polish is from Golden Rose SELECTIVE collection and the number is 42- Royal Blue in two coats.

Perfect for usage with winter decoration, don`t you think?

The Snowman you see on one nail is all hand- painted with acrylic paints.

On the other hand`s index nail I stamped a winter house using Born Pretty Store QA19 stamping plate ->

Find it in the link bellow for just $0,99 at the moment! Hurry up cause it won`t be for long!->

Christmas Santa Design Nail Art Stamp Template - QA19

The snowflakes again are stamped using Born Pretty Store QA58 stamping plate ->

The link where you can find it in the store ->

1pc Nail Art Stamp Template Cute Snowflake Design – QA58

You know you can use the code RADIG10 for -10% discount in Born Pretty Store.

The other thing that maybe caught your eye is the white velvet effect added in the base of the nails.

It`s added over white polish and no top coat over it!

четвъртък, 28 ноември 2013 г.

Blue Metallic


I just changed my nails decoration and here is what i did now ->

The gorgeous blue metallic colour used for the french is Flormar Supershine 47 in just one coat! It`s perfect for stamping, too.

Flormar Supershine 47

Flormar Supershine 47
Flormar Supershine 47

Flormar Supershine 47

Flormar Supershine 47
Flormar Supershine 47

On the other nails I painted one stroke flowers in white and metallic blue using acrylic paints. And some black elements and swirls.
Finished with Seche Vite top coat.

Do you like it?

Circles & Swirls


Today`s decoration I`ve made some time ago but I haven`t showed it to you here. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, too, it wont be something new. :)

It`s made with stamping.
I used two different plates. For the swirly french I used Konad m56 and for the circles on the index nails I used Konad m79.


The orange colour comes from an acrylic paint, sponged on the tips as a french and used to fill in some of the circles.

сряда, 27 ноември 2013 г.

Step by Step One Stroke Flower

Good morning all!

I think I haven`t posted tutorials from a long time and it`s time to show you a new one.
It will be on how to paint a one stroke flower like this ->

Here is what you`ll need:

- base coat, top coat, white polish, silver glitter nail art polish, white, pink and black acrylic paints, flat and detailed brush, a rhinestone.

And now the steps:

1. Apply a base coat and when it`s dry make the white french.
2. Let it dry well. Take with both ends of the flat brush pink and white paint. Make a big arc as you left the white stay outside.

3. Make smaller arc the same way bellow the other.
4. Paint the smallest arc in the middle of them.

5. Close the second arc with opposite one.
6. Close the biggest arc the same way, too.

7. Paint a petal at the down side of the flower.
8. Outline the petals with thin black line.

9. Paint the handle and two leaves in black. Add white dots in the center of the flower.
10. Make some swirls around it.

11. Add silver tlitter around the black lines of the flower.
12. If you want you can add a rhinestone in the upper free end of the nail.
Cover with top coat.

And that`s it!
Hope you`ll like it and will show your result if you try it. :)

вторник, 26 ноември 2013 г.

Flower To Flower

The title of the post sugests you what you`ll see in this post. 
There is a flower decoration and a polish, called 'Flower To Flower' by OPI.

This decoration I`ve made so many times using different colours.
You can see it in magenta here ->

and in turquoise colour ->

Here, the pink polish is applied in two coats.
Flowers are hand- painted with acrylic paints and the One Stroke technique.
A little silver glitter polish added in the middle of the flowers. And sealed with Seche Vite top coat.

Christmas & New Year tips

Hello again!

A whole post dedicated to the upcoming Christmas and New Year`s holidays!
I hope you get the Christmas spirit, too, looking at the next pics.

Theese are the new tips I painted for this year`s holidays.
They`re all inspired by the net.

And now you`ll see them separated in parts ->

Hope you like them! :)

Moyra No.24 - review


We have a snow outside!
Yes, the winter has come to us and it`s snowing. :)
That`s why I`ll show you a review post with white polish, just as perfect for the weather as it could be. :)

It`s from Moyra`s Classic collection you can find at Polishinail Shop.

Moyra No.24

It`s not exactly the whitest white you can imagine as you hear 'snow' but it`s soft and pearl creamy white colour.
Applied in two coats and without top coat on the pics.

Moyra No.24

Moyra No.24
Moyra No.24

Moyra No.24
Moyra No.24
Moyra No.24

Moyra No.24

Moyra No.24
Moyra No.24

Moyra No.24

Moyra No.24

Аs I told you- you know where to find it-
They have international shipping and you can even use the code RADI-8 for -8% discount.
There you can find also brands like Pastel, Golden Rose, Perfect, Seventeen and much more.

*Product provided for review*