вторник, 29 юли 2014 г.

Mint with Palm trees

Here is the second one for today ->

It`s in mint colour and with palm trees- just for the summer!
The mint colour used on non- decorated nails is Kiko Milk Mint applied in two coats.

On the decorated nails I made a gradient first, starting with mint and finishing with green colour polish.
The polishes used are: from top to bottom- BK Hello Kitty 32, Kiko Milk Mint and BK Hello Kitty 33.
Over the sponged gradient I painted palm trees with black acrylic paint. Finished with Seche Vite top coat.

China Glaze neons with Flowers


For today I have two decorations to show you.
First is with neon polishes.

As you can guess, the polishes are from China Glaze. The lighter one is Flip Flop Fantasy and the darker one is Pool Party.
Both are applied in two coats.

On the index nails I made diagonal gradient using both polishes. Over it I painted one stroke flower and some green leaves with acrylic paints.
Finished with Seche Vite top coat.

понеделник, 28 юли 2014 г.

Opi DS Reflection

One more late decoration from me.

As you can see from the title, the polish used here is Opi DS Reflection- one of my favourites EVER! :)
You can see another decoration with this polish here ->

It`s applied on two coats and over it I painted some black elements with acrylic paint. Finished with Opi top coat.
Same decoration I made on the toe nails, too ->

Summer Nails


The weather outside doesn`t want to be summer for real. I don`t know how it is with you but here is awful. But that won`t make me stop dreaming of sun and summer and make summer- themed decorations.
Here is one ->

All on the nails is  hand- painted with acrylic paints over french.

I love especially the fish and the turtle on thumb nails :)

Over the shell and the starfish I placed white pearls.
Finished with Opi top coat.

петък, 25 юли 2014 г.

Sunset & Palms

Here is the summer- based one ->

It`s with beautiful sunset in the sea with palm trees and birds. :)

The decoration is hand- painted with acrylic paints.
On the other nails I applied a coat of Bluesky gel polish 546 over the UV gel covered nails.

Finished with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

Black french with lace & Red Bows

Hello there!

How was your day? 
I`m here with two decorations now- one summer- themed and one not based on summer.
Starting with one of them ->

It`s very stylish and elegant- black french with hand- painted lace around the smile line. The red bows just make the design pops.

As I said, the lace is hand- painted with acrylic paints.
The bows are, too. There are bows on three nails by hand ->

Finished with Seche Vite top coat.

And here are the nails before the UV gel refill, one month older ->

You can see this decoration in this post -> 


Here it is made with gel polish on natural nails ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 504 for the base and Bluesky gel polish 518 for the black french.

*And another edit of this post, this time I added a red flower to the bow :)

сряда, 23 юли 2014 г.

Black French with Black & White flowers

And the last mani for today is in black & white- classic! :)

The flowers might be familiar to you because I`ve made them a few times ->

For the black french here I used Brooklin 02.
The flowers are hand- painted with polishes and acrylic paints. Finished the nails with Opi top coat.

Pastel Yellow & Flowers

Another fresh- coloured decoration, this time with flowers ->

The banana pastel polish used on some of the nails is Nubar- Lemon Sorbet, applied in two coats.
Over it and on the other nails I painted one stroke flowers in white and magenta. Some black swirls around  the flowers and the mani was ready.
Just finished with Seche Vite top coat.

Me To You goes to the beach

Here I am again. :)

I have a few more decorations to show and the first one is from the summer Me To You- series, made on natural nails ->

This time we have bright pink french, made with Glam Polish- Pink Ladies.

The bears are hand- painted with acrylic paints. You`ll find a little difference between theese and the old ones :)
Finished with Seche Vite top coat.

Neon gel polish with colorful circles from Born Pretty Store

Good morning all!

In this post I`ll show you one of my new products I`ve got from Born Pretty Store- the sweet colorful glitter circles.

First I`ll start with the polishes used.
Theese are my natural nails and theese are gel polishes from Bluesky.
The bright orange/pink neon is A74 in two coats. And the neony yellow is Neon N08 applied over white base in two coats again.

Before I finish the nails with the top, I decided to place some colorful circles on my index nails.

As they are flat they are very easy to use. I just used a dotting tool and placed them on the nails. I used from both sizes- bigger and smaller ones.

You can find them in Born Pretty Store in the link bellow ->

1mm-2mm Mixed Nail Art Glitter Decoration Colorful Mini Round Thin Paillette Design

Use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount in the store and feel free to order because they have free shipping worldwide!

After I placed the circles and cured the polish I applied Bluesky gel polish top coat and voala- the cuttest mani was ready! :)

Do you like the final result?

*Some products in this post are provided for review*

понеделник, 21 юли 2014 г.

Long Almond Nails in Pastel colors

Second mani for today.
This time the nails are in different shape- almond.

Here we have looots of colours used but in one style- pastel.
Starting with the yellow one- Catrice Bye, Bye Birdy!. The pink one is from Flormar Supermatte M116.
On the middle finger nails I made colourful decoration with acrylic paints

For a base on this nail and on the pointer, too, I used a coat of the silver glitter from Delia Glamour Coral prosilk. And finally the thumb nails- Color Club Blue Ming is applied on them. All the colours, except the glitter, are applied in two coats.
Finished with Opi top coat.

Sylvester & Tweety


As you already saw in the title- I`ll show you one decoration on nails with Sylvester & Tweety.

This cute animation is all hand- painted with acrylic paints and placed on the nails using the Transfer techniqe ->

On the other nails I made white french.

And finished the nails with Seche Vite top coat.

събота, 19 юли 2014 г.

Scented nail polish from Revlon

Hello again for today. 

This time I`m here with decorated nails.

The polish used here, as you may see from the title, is from Revlon and it smells just gorgeous! Something sweet and yummy, like a bubblegum smell. It`s from the Scented collection of the brand and it`s called Ginger Melon.
It`s coral colour, a little bit pinker in person.

On the index nails I stamped flowers using Bundle Monster BM-221. On the other nails I made french and then painted some black swirls with acrylic paint above it.
Finished with Seche Vite top coat.