понеделник, 30 ноември 2015 г.

Christmas Penguins

It`s a decoration I`ve made a few years ago in different colours.

The red nails are made with Flormar Supermatte 101 + China Glaze- Ring In The Red.

On the decorated nails I sponged white polish and then made the white dots as snowfall.

Christmas Reindeer & color changing polish

The white base is made with Bluesky gel polish 501. On the index nails I painted the reindeers in grey and on the middle finger nail- snowflakes in black.
The rest of the nails are polihed with color changing gel polish from Mack`s Professional No20 which turns from black to light grey ->

Gold glitter nails and chrest nail art

For the gold glitter I used Bluesky gel polish "Million".
On the index nails I painted black chrest using Bluesky UV&LED paint No.01 and then covered it with gold glitter.
I added gold nail micro beads to make the chain.

Black & white nails with stamping

Gel polish on natural nails.
I used Bluesky gel polish 501 for the white base and Bluesky stripping pen GP02 for the black outline.
The flower stamping is made with Bundle Monster BM-221.

Frozen inspired nails

As you`ve seen in the title- theese nails are inspired by the Frozen movie.
Anna and Elsa are hand painted with acrylic paints and placed with the Transfer technique on the nails.

I used Bluesky gel polish 555 for the blue nails and over it I spreaded blue dry glitter here and there. On the middle finger nails I sticked snowflake nail jewel.
On the rest of the nails I stamped small snowflake using Born Pretty QA58

Dark red gel polish & crown nail jewel

The dark red polish is Bluesky gel polish A39.
On the index nails I sticked crown nail jewels.
And on the thumb nails I placed three crystals in a row near the nail base.

Short nails with french, lace and flowers

Gel polish on short and small natural nails.

I used Bluesky gel polish 504+546 for the base and 501 for the french.
The white lace above the french is hand- painted using Bluesky UV&LED paint No.02.
On two nails by hand I painted black flowers with aquarelle technique.

My little girl small emoticons

Theese are my daughter`s nails- she wanted to have Viber emoticons on her nails so I did them to her :)

I painted them with acrylic paints over regular polish.
And she was sooooo happy! :)

Semilac gel polish

Here are my nails with a gel polish I tried for the first time.
It`s from the brand Semilac.

I used the colours 101 'Juicy Peach' and 096 'Starlight Night' (the black nail with glitter).

On the index nail of my left hand I painted the Sad Sam doggie :)

Here is is 3 weeks later ->

Black cat eye & Chanel nail jewel

This is a polish from the Bluesky "Cat Eye" collection and it`s number is qcm39.
On the middle finger nails I made silver elements with nail foil and then filled in the circles with clear gel to make it looks like crocodile skin.
On the index nails I sticked Chanel nail jewel.

Spider nail jewels

The beautiful glitter blue polish is Bluesky gel polish BLZ02, and the black- 518.

On the index nails I sticked spider nail jewels with blue crystals.

Red nails with black lace

I used Bluesky gel polish 521 for the red nails and Bluesky 518 for the black.
Over the red nails I stamped flower lace using Born Pretty BP-L020.

A package from Lady Queen


In this post I`ll show you what I recieved lately from Lady Queen.

Without more talking I`ll show you the links and detailed pics of every item.

First is the cute cat wallet ->

New Style Cute Cat Wallet Creative Gifts Fabric Dogs Purse Coin Bag Lady Purse


And its back ->

It`s very soft and comfortable and for the cat lovers it`s a must have one! :)

Next cat thing is the stamping plate which you`ll see swatched in some other posts ->

Cat Yarn Ball Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate hehe022

The next cute thing is the bear nail jewel ->

1PC Punk Metal 3D Nail Decoration Bear Mirror Cross Rhinestone Nail Art Phone Decoration

And here it is on my nails ->

Please, have on mind that the price is for 1 piece!

And finally- the ring.

New Gothic Punk Unique Hollow Out Geometry Joint Nail Ring

And here it is on the back- it`s adjustable so it can fit every finger ->

This is what I chose this time from and what would be your choise? Visit the site and use the code DPLC15 to get -15% discount on check out. Enjoy the free worldwide shipping!

*Products, provided for review*