събота, 29 юни 2013 г.

Golden Rose Holiday 59 - review

Hello friends!

Today I`ll show you what a treassure I have on my nails <3

I like the whole look but the treassure here is 

Golden Rose Holiday 59
Golden Rose Holiday 59

This polish is new to my collection together with two more redish shades from the new Holiday collection by Golden Rose (you`ll see them at the end of the post). They are sand polishes and they look marvelous, believe me!
This one is applied in two coats. Easy applying because of the flat brush and its texture. The dry time is perfect as for sand polishes.
Here are some more pics (a little more purple finish it has indeed but I couldn`t catch it on the pics)->
Golden Rose Holiday 59
Golden Rose Holiday 59
Golden Rose Holiday 59

Golden Rose Holiday 59
Golden Rose Holiday 59
Golden Rose Holiday 59

Golden Rose Holiday 59
Golden Rose Holiday 59
Golden Rose Holiday 59

Golden Rose Holiday 59

I can`t stop! LOL

Now a few words for the decoration.
The roses are waterdecals.
I placed them over black french and then painted the other black elements.

Covered the decorated nails with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.
And now, the pic of the other two sand polishes I bought, as I promissed ->
Golden Rose Holiday 59, 56, 53

Hope you like the pics and have a great weekend!

петък, 28 юни 2013 г.

Two coloured diagonal french and Flowers

Hello again!

The second post for today is with decorated nails.

Starting with the french which is made with theese two polishes- Etude House PK001 for the pink and two coats of Opi Do you lilac it? for the purple one.

The light wasn`t good enough and the pic didn`t turned out the way it had to be. :-/ The flowers are painted with the one stroke technique in light pink and light purple colour. As you see from the pics, they look like it`s white- purple. But it`s light pink.
Anyway. Covered with a coat of Poshe top coat.

I wish you all to have a nice day! :)

Moyra Neon Matte effect 702 - review

Hello there!

I`ll show you another polish from the Moyra Neon matte collection I got from the international selling shop Polishinail shop.

Moyra Neon Matte effect 702

It`s something between orange and pink but more pinker. As it is a neon polish I couldn`t catch the real colour. :-/ It has a rubber finish and it is without top coat on the pics. Two coats were needed for fully coverage.

You can find Moyra Neon matte effect 702 as well as other polishes from that brand as you visit Polishinail Shop. Use the code RADI-8 to get -8% discount of the prices and use the next link to go directly to that polish I showed you ->

You can aslo see a swatch of  Moyra Neon matte effect 701 here.

*Products provided for review*

четвъртък, 27 юни 2013 г.

Orange neon glitter and Flowers


Today I`ll show you another decoration using neon dry glitter.

But first- the polish I used. It`s Pastel 85 applied in two thick coats and without top coat- the shine is all by itself ->

And now for the decoration on my index nails- I used acrylic paints to make the one stroke flowers and leaves.
On the middle and thumb nails I applied neon orange dry glitter ->

As I took the pics on lamp and the neons, as you may know, are difficult to be caught, the right colour of the glitter is something between the darker and the lighter ones.
The truth is somewhere there. LOL

Hope you like it!

сряда, 26 юни 2013 г.

Moyra Neon Matte effect 701 - review

Hello again!

This time the post will be with a review of the first polish from the Moyra Neon Matte effect collection I recieved from Polishinail Shop.

Moyra Neon Matte effect 701

As it is neon jelly it needed three coats for full coverage. As you can see, it has a rubber finish- without top coat on the pics.

I tried it over white base too and here is the result:
-pointer and middle finger nail- 2 coats of Moyra 701 over white base;
-index and little finger nail- three coats of Moyra 701 ->

The dry time was really fast so you have to be quick applying it.
Find it in the Polishinail Shop which sells worldwide.

They even are on sale at the moment so you save money.
Use the code RADI-8 if you want to save more money and get -8% discount of the prices.

And look out for the rest four of this collection that I`ll make swathes of theese days.

*Products provided for review*