сряда, 9 март 2016 г.

Animal Print Nails

I`ll show you three designs with animal print.

Design #1 ->

Gel polish on natural nails. I used Bluesky 518 and N34 for the black nails. The base of the decorated  nails is Bluesky QXG794. The camouflage print is made with Bluesky 534, A71. Over it, using Bluesky 518 I made the animal print. This mani was inspired by Versace coat.

Design #2 ->

The dark purple nails are polished with Bluesky gel polish DC43. The dark blue nail is ibd "Hippie Dippie" and over it- Bluesky CS27, 518.

Design #3 ->

The purple polish used here is Bluesky 599. For the silver glitter nail I used Bluesky "Aurora".
Here, the animal print is made with stamping- Bundle Monster BM- 221 used.

вторник, 8 март 2016 г.

A few white french designs

First one ->

Second one is with french and one stroke flower ->

The gel polish used here is Bluesky 504+535, 501.

Third one is decorated with purple dry glitter and few purple rhinestones ->

Same gel polish used here.

The fourth one is with dots on the decorated nails ->

And the fifth one is with flower waterdecal ->

Neon French with two old designs

It`s a combo mani between this and this design ->

For the french and the butterflies I used Bluesky gel polish N31. For the multicoloured nails I used Bluesky N31, N34, N36 and A74.

Marble granite effect nail art

I`ll show you a few different colours granite effect.
First one is with effect turquoise ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 504+546 and Bluesky 501 for the french nails. The turquoise colour used is Bluesky QXG794.

Second one is with yellow ->

The dark brown polish is from the Cat Eye collection of Bluesky - QCM74.
For the base of the decorated nails I used Bluesky A115.

And the third one is in red ->

Again Cat Eye polish used here- QCM40.

Glitter gel polish with Humminbird & Flowers

The purple glitter gel polish is Elora 177. On the decorated nails I applied first Bluesky gel polish 504+546 as a base.
The decoration is hand painted with acrylic paints.

And here they are after 24 days of wearing ->

Holographic polish with flowers whole nail waterdecal

Happy woman`s Day everyone!

Theese are my natural nails. The holographic polish used is Perfect Holographic H4.
On the index nails I placed a whole nail waterdecal with flowers.

понеделник, 7 март 2016 г.

A girl with a cigarette and a nail jewel

Again a design, made a few times ->

First one ->

I used Bluesky gel polish CS27 for the nude colour nails and 518 for the black ones. The girl with the cigarette is a waterdecal and the lace on the small finger and the thumb nails is hand- painted.
On the index nails I sticked bow nail jewel.

Second one->
This time the nail jewel is a cat :)

And the third one, again with bow nail jewel ->