петък, 30 октомври 2015 г.

Lines, Flowers and Skulls

One design that could be used for Halloween ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 501 for the white base and Bluesky gel polish stripping pen 02 for the black lines.
The skulls and the flowers are hand- painted with acrylic paints.


Another variety of this design is this one ->

It`s without the skuls and only 4 nails white polished with lines and flowers. Others are only with black lines over the gel- covered nails.

Orange neon and animal print

Gel polish on natural nails ->

I used Bluesky gel polish Neon N31 for the orange nails, Bluesky 504, SR47 for the small finger and 518 for the black. The gold nail is made with gold pigment from Elora. The animal print and the lips on the thumb nails are painted with acrylic paints.

Whole nail flowers waterdecals

My natural nails with gel polish.
The light pink polish is from the new winter collection of Bluesky- 611.
The holographic glitter purple is from Elora and its number is 177.

The flowers are whole nail waterdecals.


Here they are two weeks later ->

Color changing polish from Born Pretty Store

Hello there.
Here is a review post of the color changing polish I recieved from Born Pretty Store.

It`s from the brand Bluesky (I use their gel polishes and I`m very pleased with them) and the number is #6

Here is the exact link to it in the store ->

1 Bottle 7.5ml Thermal Nail Polish Temperature Color Changing Nail Polish #6

It`s one of my favourite shades from Bluesky color changing. It`s magenta when it`s cold and it gets white when it`s warmed.

You can see the whole color changing collection, and I`m sure you`ll love all the colours, as you visit
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*Product, provided for review*

четвъртък, 29 октомври 2015 г.

Pooh bear waterdecals

Another waterdecals mani, this time with regular polishes ->

For the green tips I used Kiko Sugar Mat 643 and for the yellow ones- Kiko Cupcake 648- Pineapple.
Both are sponged.
Over the green "grass" I placed the Pooh bear waterdecals.

Cute bears waterdecals

Gel polish on natural nails.
The brown polish is Bluesky gel polish A14.
On the decorated nails I applied Bluesky 504 + 536 first, then made the french with Bluesky 501.
Over theese nails I placed waterdecals with bears.

French- two times

First french design is classic french with gel polish on natural nails ->

I used Bluesky 504 +536 as a base here. Then using Bluesky 501 I made the french line.

The second nails are again with gel polish.
I used Bluesky 504 +546 for a base. Then again 501 for the french. The difference is the ring finger here- I made moon french + silver crystal.

Red nails with one stroke flowers

Beautiful red mani using Bluesky gel polish 521.
On two nails by hand I painted one stroke flowers in black and white.
I added red crystal in the middle of each flower.


Here it is once again on natural nails with gel polish ->

Penelope Luz- Hortense - swatch


In this post you`ll see a review of one beautiful polish I got from Polishinail Shop

Penelope Luz- Hortense

Penelope Luz- Hortense

The colour is denim blue with holographic finish- very beautiful colour indeed.
See for yourself ->

Penelope Luz- Hortense
Penelope Luz- Hortense

Penelope Luz- Hortense

Penelope Luz- Hortense
Penelope Luz- Hortense

Penelope Luz- Hortense

Penelope Luz- Hortense
Penelope Luz- Hortense

Penelope Luz- Hortense

It`s applied in two coats.

Penelope Luz- Hortense

You can find that polish in the link bellow ->

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*Product, provided for review*