вторник, 31 юли 2012 г.

It`s sea time! 2

I told you the other day I`ll show you this decoration again theese days and here it is ->

I made it on my client`s nails with the Transfer technique. Here are the animals only before I place them on the nails ->

We made a french and bubbles on the nails where the decoration is and applied China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy on the other nails. So bright and sunny! Just perfect for a sea vacation.
And here is one picture with the toes, as well ->

A coat of Seche Vite top coat for finish.

And that`s it from me for now. I`m planning a one week vacation so I`ll not write at that time. But I`ll miss you all! So have fun!

Same combination but another girl`s nails ->

New stuff from Born Pretty Store!

Hello everyone!

I just recieved some cool new things from our friends from Born Pretty Store and I`ll show them to you. :)

First thing is actually set of 12 colours nail art striping tape ->

We`ll have lots of fun and nice designs to make with theese colourful stripes!

Next thing is a wheel box with 12 colours rhinestones ->

Love the colours! We have recent hottest colours- neon pink, turquoise, bright green...

And the third thing for now is a wonderful flower ring ->

It`s silver colour metal blooming flower ring with adjustable size. I love wearing rings and matching them with my manicure.

You can find it in two other colours - Three Colours Beautiful Metal Blooming Flower Ring Adjustable

Wonderful new things I have, don`t you think?

Hurry up and go check their on- line store-
You can find a lot more things as for nails, so as for hair and face and so on.
You can use my -10% off coupon code they kindly gave me- RADIW21. It`s valid before 30.12.2012 for every item in their store. And you know what? They have free shipping worldwide!!! How could you not buy something? :D And even more- the prices in the store are much cheaper than in every other store!
You can find them on ebay as well-

So have fun shopping! :)

неделя, 29 юли 2012 г.

It`s sea time!

I`ll show you a decoration I made today on my friends` nails.
It`s known to you from my older post Holographic Sea.

I made a french and thin blue line above it. The decoration is hand- painted on the ring finger and thumb nails. The other nails have some hand- painted bubbles. All painted with acrylic paints.

Left hand with opposite thumbnail
Right hand with opposite thumbnail

I made her toe nails as well. Again french and blue line, only this time we have painted crab only on the thumb nail.

And here are some pics of the whole picture :)

I love this decoration and I`ll show it one more time theese days :)

събота, 28 юли 2012 г.

French and flowers

And the last picture selection for today is with one design that I made long time ago.

Here we have a permanent french with white UV gel. And a three flowers- decoration on the ring finger nails, painted with acrylic paints. Same decoration I made on the UV gel ring, made by me.

UV gel ring

I made it on my toes, as well ->

And on another nails where the french is with polish and covered with silver glitter. Here we have a flower on every nail ->

And another colour combination in creamy nude french and brown- salmon flowers ->


Another selection of my photos is comming up.
This time I chose this flower design ->

Gentle white french on the other nails with silver glitter line above. And on my ring finger nails I painted One Stroke flowers over multicoloured glitter polish. 
I made the UV gel ring, as well, as I wound the ribbon around the ring and tied it in a bow over the plate.  I made the plate abstract and underlined its irregular form with white acrylic paint.

UV gel ring

A few days later I decided to take off the french from my nails and to make all the nails with this type of flower that I was made on my ring finger nails. I made them in different colours ->

I love the flower in every colour!

Here is another coloured french with flower on the index finger nails ->

I used Rimmel 053-"Apricot punch" for the french.

Neon Glitters

Hello again!

I`m in a hurry to show you what I just did to my nails <3 <3 <3

I`m in love with this design and colours!

Let me explain how I did them:
For my pointer and small finger nails, as you may see, I used neon glitters. But bellow them, I applied a coat of neon polish to make the colour of the glitter morе shinny and bright.
I used Perfect S21 and S24 over a coat of white polish ->

Perfect S24

Perfect S21

Then I just put my nail into the box of dry glitter and let it dry well. No top coat on theese nails.

Neon dry glitters

Now for the decoration on my middle and index nails- I used the One Stroke technique to make the gradient band with magenta and yellow acrylic paints. Then I painted the black elements and dots and covered theese 4 nails with Seche Vite top coat.

What do you think of my new nails? :)

Unfortunatelly, I couldn`t stay much time with this dry glitter on my nails because it`s very rough and it attaches everything on my nails and especially because it scratches a lot. So this evening I decided to take it off and polish my nails with some neon colour instead. And here is the result ->

The colour is pink neon and could be hardly caught on camera, especially on lamp.
Here are two pictures of the polish, as well- Flormar 422 ->

Flormar 422
Flormar 422


One more picture with the same design but on my client`s nails. Again Perfect S21 and S24 were used for the non- decorated nails. No glitter this time ->

And again with glitter but on shorter nails ->


3 years later I made this design again, only this time I used gel polishes ->

I used Bluesky gel polish Neon N34, N36.

White french

Hello friends!

I decided to get  a small selection of my french manicures and to show them to you.
I`m starting with the first one that I really really LOVE ->

These were my nails two years ago (with gel overlay). But I love the smile line on this mani and of course- the decoration on my ring finger nails. I made gradient french in purple and One Stroke flower with white and pink acrylic paints. And then the white elements and daisies. I love it! <3

Next one is again with purple decoration, only this time theese are not my nails ->

Again One Stroke flower in purple and some swirls around it. I decorated the ring as well.

The next - purple again (I guess I like that colour LOL) ->

White french with glitter purple line that passes through the middle of the french. On the ring finger nails we have purple rhinestones instead of the glitter. Again plastic ring decorated the same way.

One french mani made on natural nails. The flowers on the middle and ring finger nails are painted with acrylic paints. One thin silver line added above the french.

This one I made a long time ago ->

But it`s very simple and easy to do so I`m showing it to you. The decoration here is with acrylic paints, as well.

And the last one is simple french with dot- line above the french line and small One Stroke rose on the ring finger and thumb nail ->

Hope you like the sellection I made for you! :)

петък, 27 юли 2012 г.

Blue Butterflies


Here is what I have to show you today ->

This Butterfly decoration is already made by me in the past and you can see it in different colour when you click the link.

Only this time I made a V- french with a thin white line above.
The butterflies are hand painted with white and turquoise acrylic paints and the One Stroke technique. Then outlined and just added the details with black acrylic paint.

As you see, I painted the butterflies on the ring finger and thumb nails.
Sealed with Seche Vite top coat.
And here are two pictures to compare my client`s nails  before and after the gel refill ->

Before the refill- 26 days old decoration.

After the refill.


Here is the same design, made two years later ->