сряда, 27 февруари 2013 г.

Swallow and Stork 2


Continuing with the decorations with martenitzi, here is this one ->

I made the same Swallow & Stork maybe a week ago.
This time I used white polish for the other nails. And not only white but champagne white :)
It`s from Orly- Au, Champagne!

Over the white I painted the white- red tie of the martenitza.

Covered with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Red and White


In today`s post I`ll show you some designs, perfect for the upcoming 1st March and for our country`s tradition with martenitzi.

This one I made on my mother`s natural nails.
This well known design for those of you who know my work, you can see in different colours here and here.  She loves this design! And this time we made it in red and white.

I used Flormar Supermatte M101 in only one coat for the juicy red polish.
The rest is hand- painted with acrylic paints.

The second design is again with the same red polish.

But this time we have white and red flowers, painted with acrylic paints on the index and thumb nails.

 And the next one is made in 2011, but I haven`t showed it to you ->

Here we have permanent french with UV gel and then the decoration- one stroke  flowers in red and white and the tie of martenitza floating around from nail to nail.

Hope you like them!
Next post will be in the same spirit- martenitzi :)

неделя, 24 февруари 2013 г.

Step by Step Snowdrop and Martenitza

Hello again.

This time the Step by step tutorial I`m going to show you is with something traditional to our country- it`s called Martenitza.
We make it a gift to the people we love on 1st March and this tradition is for helth- we wear our martenitzi till we see a Stork somewhere- which means that the Spring is comming. :)
Anyways, let`s see the tutorial ->

And the needed things ->

- base coat, top coat, white polish, white, black, red and green acrylic paint, regular and detailed brush.

1. Apply the base coat and let it dry. Then make the white french.
2. Using the white and green acrylic paints make the bell and the handle of the snowdrop.


3. Outline the flower with black acrylic paint.
4. Draw the tie of the martenitza crossing around the snowdrop. In the upper end of the tie make the white martenitza.


5. Using the red paint make the red martenitza at the lower end of the tie. Make some thiny red stripes through the tie so as the white and red thread crossing each other.
6. Outline the martenitza with black acrylic paint.


7. Cover with top coat!

Polka Dot French

Hello friends!

My today`s mani is inspired by Maggix nails.

So cute design that I couldn`t not try it. :)

I made black french using Brooklin 02 polish.

Then using a dotting tool I made the white dots with acrylic paint.
Also using acrylic paint I made the tulle lace and the white bows on the index nails.

And finally covered all with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

What do you think?

Same decoration on other nails ->

And one more time, this time made with gel polish ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 518 for the black french.


One more try without the dots and with the lace on the index and thumb nails ->

Another one:

Aaaand another one:

събота, 23 февруари 2013 г.

Step by Step Corset & Bow

Moving ahead with the next Step by Step tutorial. It`s Corset & Bow.

First, as usual, the things you`ll need:

- Base coat, black and white polish, top coat, white, black and magenta acrylic paint, dotting tool, flat and detailed brush.

And the steps:

1. Apply base coat and when it`s dry make the white french.
2. With the black polish make the two sides of the corset- make one bigger than the other.


3. Make big white dots over the black end of the corset.
4. Over them make smaller black ones.


5. In the middle paint the bow. You can make it one colour only or use the One stroke technique and make it as I did- with white and magenta paints and the flat brush.
6. Outline the bow with black paint. Cover with top coat.


You can combine with the design of the corset ties on some other nail of your manicure ->

петък, 22 февруари 2013 г.

New from Born Pretty Store

Hello friends!

In this post I`ll show you what new I have from Born Pretty Store.

Heart bracelet and False nail tips from

I recieved the items yesterday.
You`ll find the exact links to the store for every item.

Heart bracelet from

Heart bracelet from

I love that bracelet!
The prize is only $4,99.
The size in perimeter is 20cm. And the size of the heart is 2,9cm/2,3cm

Heart bracelet from
Heart bracelet from

Heart bracelet from

Heart bracelet from

Next one is this product ->

False nail tips from

I use them for decorating tips and to show my decorations.
There are 10 packages of 50 tips in each with different sizes from 1 to 10.
No nail glue in the package thought the description.
Here they are- one from each size ->

False nail tips from

Very good price of $5,93 for the whole package of 500!

You can use my coupon code for -10% off of the prize from their store- RADIW21.
They have worldwide free shipping so happy shopping! :)
And look out for my next review.