петък, 8 юни 2012 г.

We love dots!


Today I decided to mix some of my older photos of nail art with dots. So enjoy! :)

This design is all hand- painted but you can make it easily by using this stamping plate from our friends in Born Pretty Store (don`t forget to use the -10% off coupon code- RADIW21). You only have to make the black and white french tips on your nails and stamp the dots over it using opposite colour.

Next design ->>>

Again french and again hand- painted work and of course- dots :)

The next is combination of dots and bows ->>>

Again all hand- painted!

And the last one for this post is again based on black diagonal french, dots and bows ->>>

Same stamping plate as on the first picture (from ), but  the next design on the plate, can be used for the whole dots nail. I didn`t use stampings, only my hands and dotting tool to make them :)

And something like that but with red and black nails ->

And that`s it for now. Hope you liked them! :)

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