петък, 29 юни 2012 г.

Cartoons :)

Hello friends!

This morning I picked some of my cartoon decorations that I`ve made and I`ll show them to you :)
All the decorations you`ll see in this post are made with the Transfer technique.

First let`s start with this one- Bunny & Lola <3

This is probably one of my favourites so far! They both are so cute!
I made it on a client`s nails. Black french with tinny silver line over it and white french where the bunnies are.

Next one is with Diddle ->


Here we have visual extended nail beds and my nails look soooo long :) I applied non- transparent base polish and then made the white french at the end of my nails. Pink glitter over the french on one hand and blue glitter over the other one. And of course- Diddles- a girl and a boy :) And some presents, because it was that time of the year (I made them a few weeks before Christmas).

And the third one, which I`ll show you twice, because I made it on two of my clients, is Pooh and Friends :)


White french with dark silver glitter line over it and of course- Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and a pot of Pooh`s favourite hunny :)

And the other photo with this decoration ->

Funny and cute! :) I love drawing cartoons!
What about you? Would you wear something like this on your nails?

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