събота, 2 юни 2012 г.


Hello everyone!

I`ll show you one great polish from the designer series by Opi- Extravagance.

It looks like holographic polish, but it doesn`t make the rainbow. But it`s very beautiful purple colour!

It needed two coats for full coverage.

One picture on lamp to see its sparkle ->>>

Sorry we don`t have much sun today here to take a photo in the sun...

I made the decoration with white acrylic paint and silver glitter polish.

I made a friend`s manicure today with the same polish ->

Hope you like it as much as I did! :)

PS. We have sun today (the next day) and I took a picture of the wonderful polish in the sun :)

And one update of my mani 2 days later- I decided to add some little diamond glitters at the beginning of my nails and over the glitter on my ring finger nail ->

You can buy theese diamond glitters from our friends in Born Pretty Store. You`ll be surprised by the polite people who work for this store + they have free shipping! :) Don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code- RADIW21. I think theese little diamonds are really cute and could be used for different sorts of decorations.

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  1. So delicate and beautiful, I completely love it! I love your friends mani too!! I think you're my number 1 favorite nail artist! :)

    1. Wow Thank you, Kelly! That is a big compliment! :)))

    2. Of course!! No problem. I always look forward to seeing your designs !!

  2. great ... simple but spectacular ...big like!!!!!