вторник, 19 юни 2012 г.

Electric green corset

Hello friends!

 Hope you`re happy with the giveaway started this morning and I wish all of you good luck!

What I`ll show you today is an old decoration but perfect for summer with its colour as much as with its design :)

I used Flormar Supershine 49 for the green french- two coats ->

First, I made the "V"- look of the french and then outlined it with a tinny black line. I painted the corsets on my thumbs and on my ring finger nails, using black acrylic paint again ->

Later, I decided to add some jewels to my mani and I made a ring and a necklace from UV gel and I decorated them like my nails. And here is the result ->>>

The design is easy and would be perfect in every colour! 
Do you like corset decoration on nails?

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