вторник, 5 юни 2012 г.

China Town :)

Hello my dears!

I wanted to paint something interesting on my nails today so I chose one design that I was seen made by a Russian nail artist.

I really love the result, but now I`ll explain you how I made it :)
First, I used for basecoat Catrice LE Urban Baroque C03- Princess & Ballerina

Then, using magenta and black acrylic paint and a flat brush, I made the gradient french.

I applied Catherine Arley  403 over the french- soft pink shimmer- to make the french last longer, because the acrylic paints are based on water and are not so long lasting...

Тhen the part with the painting :) I painted the geisha, the pagoda and the flowers using acrylic paints. And then, using some Bundle Monster stamping plates (203, 206, 221 and 225) and black polish from Brooklin No.2 I made the hieroglyphics.

Finally, I applied a coat of my favourite top coat- Seche Vite.

What do you think of my Chineese nails? :)

Here it is, the same decoration on my client`s nails ->




11 коментара:

  1. Love this. You are very creative and talented.

  2. These are absolutely stunning! Is there a chance that you would do are video tutorial of this design? I would love to see the process and maybe try some of the graphics

    1. Hello Hikeeba! I`m happy you like this design, but I can`t do a video tutorial- I haven`t got a camera.

  3. I love that fuchsia/black tip! Really beautiful. I'd love to see your photos in a bigger size in your posts so their awesomeness can be more fully appreciated.

    1. Hello Veronica! I`m glad you like it! :) I don`t upload bigger size pictures because some people use my photoes for their advertising as they print them on paper and hang them on their saloon window... :X That`s why I already upload smaller pictures.