сряда, 13 юни 2012 г.

Born Pretty Store

Hello friends!

Today I`ll show you something different from nails :) Yes, strange but yet beautiful.

And theese are my new things from our friends in Born Pretty Store ->>>

I`m so happy of the fast delivering! And they are all so cute!
I`ll show you every item in a new picture with link direct to the store, where you can buy it :)

Let`s first look at the Swarovski crystals.

 I just LOVE them! I already have smaller ones, but I love how they bling and I wanted more and bigger. So I chose theese ones. Order yours here.

Next are the earrings

They are very fashion and in the same time- very stylish. They look so elegant and would match perfect with a black dress :) You can find them HERE. And here they are on my ears ->

And the cute little kitten is Hello Kitty ring.

 I love matching rings with my mani and I have lots of waterdecals with this cute cat, also from Born Pretty Store, that I already showed you here. I can`t wait to try them and show you the result :) You can buy your Hello Kitty ring here.

Aren`t they great? The low prices in this Store will make you order lots of things. And that`s not all- they have a free shipping worldwide!!! Yeehaw! And that IS NOT all :))) I`m giving you my coupon code which you can use in the Store to get -10% off of the price for every single item till 30.12.2012- RADIW21.
So don`t waste your time and go check this store-

And that`s it from me. Soon I`ll show you theese items in use :) But till then- have lots of sun and fun! :)

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