сряда, 20 юни 2012 г.

Sea :)

And another post for today and I think it will be the last for today :)
Only this time I`ll show you a decoration perfect for the upcoming summer :)

Again, one of my favourites so far! :) I used Perfect 134- great sea blue colour that coveres perfect in two coats.

On my ring finger nails I painted some waves in blue and white using the One Stroke technique and then I drеw the starfish with black and the anchor with silver acrylic paint and covered them with small hexagon glitters.

As I was conquered by the UV gel rings at that time (old decoration, as well), I made one that is matching perfect with the decoration, again covered with small hexagon silver glitters ->

One picture of the ring itself ->

And one picture of the tips I made a few months before I made the decoration on my nails ->

For the rope in the tips I used some small silver nail beads.
Hope you like it! :)
Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. Едно от любимите ми твои творения:)))Перфектните нокти,перфектната дължина,перфектната декорация,а за цвета - без коментар...уникален!!!!

    1. Много ти благодаря! И на мен ми е много любима, както споменах, и определено това лято най- вероятно ще я повторя :)))

  2. I love sea stars, and they are looking amazing on your nails! Great work!