неделя, 24 юни 2012 г.

Happy Birthday nails :)


I`ll show you one decoration I made on a client`s nails. She had a Birthday the next day, so we decided to make something party on her nails. And here is the result ->>>

Only one picture of the mani, but I  think it`s nice :)

For the base coat, I used Avon- Pastel pink, sponged on the nails in two coats.

Then I applied a coat of Catherine Arley 403 as an effect of a pink sparkle ->

Then is the drawing part :) I painted the boy and the girl Teddy bears on the ring finger nails with acrylic paints. And pieces of cake, baloons and hearts for the other nails. A coat of Seche Vite top coat applied at the end.

Really cute decoration, don`t you think?
Hope she had a great Birthday! :)

4 weeks later:

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