сряда, 20 юни 2012 г.

Black/White water marble

Hello all!

Today, I`m going to show you my few tries of water marble on my nails :)
First, we start with the black and white one. I made this decoration about 3 years ago.

I used stickers for french manicure to help me make the marble effect only on the free end of my nails.

As you see, I made an UV gel ring, as well, and decorated it again with water marble.

Then I added a little glitter polish here and there to make some sparkle on my nails :)
I had a black plastic bracelet and decided to try and decorate it, as well. And here is the result ->

I used a tape to help me make the triangles.

Here is one picture of the jewels only:

Here is another try with black and white water marble on my friend`s nails ->

And another plastic ring decorated again using water marble technique and hand- painted elements ->

Next post is water marble in purple and I really LOVE it! <3

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