четвъртък, 28 юни 2012 г.

Crackle french

Hello friends!

After I had some troubles with my PC and I haven`t been on- line for a while, now I`m back and I have a new nails design to show you :)

I nave this crackle polish from a long time but I didn`t use it at all. Now I decidet to try it on a white french and I liked it. It`s from the London`s brand Rimmel 010- Black Graffiti. I have others brand`s graffiti, too, but I especially love this one, because its effect is not so coarse. On a whole nail it looks like fine cracks.

I applied a tinny silver line above the french with polish decorator. And I painted small black and white One Stroke rosses and leaves on my ring finger nails and thumbs.

And a coat of my favourite top coat so far- Seche Vite! :)

That`s it for now. Have a nice day everyone! :)

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