петък, 15 юни 2012 г.

Hello Kitty

Hello "kitties" lol!

Inspired from my new Hello Kitty ring from Born Pretty Store, I made this decoration on my nails ->

I used baby pink polish from Avon- Pastel pink, applied in two coats.

I love this pink!

I made my thumbs and my middle finger nails pink with white dots. My pointers and little finger nails, I made with diagonal french and then stamped the bows using Konad m59 stamping plate and white Konad paint. 

I filled in the dots with the pink polish. Then I placed in the middle of the bows Swarovski crystals, that you can find here.
On my ring fingers I painted the Hello Kitty head with acrylic paints and added smaller Swarovski crystals to their bows. You can buy yours here.

A coat of Seche Vite applied and my nails are done!

And a few pictures with the RING ->>>

Cute, don`t you think? :)

Don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code when you purchase from Born Pretty Store- RADIW21.

Here is another mani of the same Hello Kitty ->

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