петък, 29 юни 2012 г.

Black- White flowers

In my days can`t go a day without drawing flowers, so this post will be flowery :)

I`ll show you an older decoration in black and white that I`m sure you`ll like :)

It`s from this type of decorations that could be made in every colour. I made white french, as the one angle of the free end of the nails, I made only with multicoloured glitter. Then I painted the flowers using the One Stroke technique, outlined in black. And then the other black elements again with acrylic paints.

As I often did at that time, I made an UV gel ring, as well, and decorated a plastic bracelet to match my mani :)

It was very classy! :)

I made a purple option of the jewels for a friend of mine ->

And two more pictures with black and white flowers on my cliets` nails:

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