понеделник, 11 юни 2012 г.

Мy toes :)

Hello everyone!

Today is a day for my toes to show you :)

I bought a pair of sweet sandals the other day and I was in a hurry to make my pedi looks good enough to match them :) So here is what I did to my toes ->

One of my favourite designes, as you may see :) It`s perfect for toes as much as for the nails of the hands. And it suits in every colour. I chose Essie- Tour De Finance from their Spring Collection, applied in two coats ->

I made a review on my nails a few weeks ago, so you can see it HERE

On my big toe I made a french and then the flowers using the polish itself for one of the flowers and acrylic paints for the others.

And here is one picture of the sandals which inspired me to do this decoration on my toes ->

And that`s it from me for now. I have to do my nails (hands) as well, but I don`t know when I would have time to do that :)
So, for now, I`ll tell you- have a great day! :)

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