петък, 22 юни 2012 г.

dear RUS mood polish 5

Hello friends!

Today I`ll show you another colour of my favourite mood polishes from the Korean brand dear RUS. I have it as a part of a great prize I won in a nail art contest organized from a Bulgarian on-line store

I love, love, love its colour when my hands are cold!!! Three coats on the pics.
Here are two closer pictures when it`s warm(1) and when it`s cold(2) ->>>

And the other pictures of my both hands as usual- no need of comment, I think ->

Now for the decoration. For the base on my pointer and my middle finger nails I used Orly "Au Champagne", applied in two coats.

Then I painted the flowers using acrylic paints, added silver glitter polish in the middle of the flowers, and finally added theese small (I don`t know if it`s right to tell them glitters, but something like that) green- blue
circles that completed the design.

And a coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat.

What do you think of my new mani?

I think I`ll get some more of theese polishes- I LOVE them!!! :)

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