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Ylin Mood Polish 4

Hello everyone!

The last untried mood polish for now is already on my nails :)
It`s from the brand Ylin and it`s number is 06.

It`s from our frineds in Born Pretty Store. Don`t forget to check their store and find lots of things you`ll love! And don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code- RADIW21. You can use it unlimitted times til the end of the year :)
Now for the polish- you know I love mood polishes and this one is so beautiful colour- coral red when it`s cold and soft light pink when it`s warm.

Here are the usual pictures of my mani:

Cold ->>>

The transition ->>>

Hot ->>>

The "curtain" in the decoration is made with the polish itself and the other is hand- painted with acrylic paints.
You can buy your Ylin polish HERE.
I had more things in this nail mail from Born Pretty Store, that I`ll show you in some pictures :)

Beautiful waterdecals ->>>

And little diamond glitters ->>>

And that`s it for now. Have a nice day to all of you! :)

PS. Here is one picture with one of the nail decals ->

And a picture with the diamond glitters :)

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