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dear RUS mood polish 4

Hello friends!

I keep showing you my mood polishes, that I adore! And this is not the last, believe me :) I have one more to try soon, but its from the brand Ylin. And this one I`ll show you right now is from the other Korean brand dear RUS.

The number is LAD553 and it`s very beautiful blue polish- dark blue when it`s cold and light blue which seems to me like light purple.
First, I wanted to make different decoration, that`s why I polished my nails with it and only the ring finger nails with Orly- Au Champagne!

Without top coat on the pic.
But then I took the Champagne off and polished all my nails with the mood polish. It needed only 2 coats to cover perfect.

Here are the pictures, as usual:

When it`s cold ->

The transition ->

When it`s warm ->

I made the decoration using one of my favourite stamping plates- a Konad m65 look- like and white Konad stamping paint. 

I already showed you a similar decoration but in Baby pink. I just love theese circles. 

Here is a decoration I made theese days only on much longer nails. Beautiful, don`t you think?

Catrice 850 Aretha`s R-E-S-P-I-N-K

Big part of the decoration here is hand- painted, because the plate covered only the half nail LOL. But the final result is good, I think.

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