събота, 19 май 2012 г.

dear RUS mood polish 2

Hello friends!

I`ll never stop saying that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mood polishes!
And here is the further evidence ->>>

This is the second polish I bought from that brand, but isn`t it just gorgeous? I love the effect it makes and I love the colour combination of the both colours.
It`s from the Korean brand dear RUS and the No. is LAD561.
Here is one closer picture of the polish when it`s purple and without top coat ->

And one closer of the french effect which you may see from time to time ->

I applied the polish in two coats although the colour is thick enough even in one coat.
So here is what your nails will be when your hands are cold- beautiful purple colour <3 ->>>

One picture of the transition, as usual :) ->>>

And here is the effect of the polish when your hands are warm- it turns pink :) ->>>

And finally, a few words for the decoration- I made it only on the ring finger nails over the polish and I used only acrylic paints to paint the flowers. And a coat of top coat applied.

I think I`ll get other colours of theese Mood polishes, too. I LOVE them! <3

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