сряда, 16 май 2012 г.

Ylin mood polish 3

Hello friends!

As you may seen I love mood polishes and especially Ylin`s Mood polishes. That`s why I`ll show you the third one I have from that brand ->>>

It`s Ylin Mood Polish No.1 and it`s from my favourite on- line store- Born Pretty Store!
Find the polish HERE.
Don`t forget to check it for a chance to find lots of things for nails and not only nails :)
And don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code when you buy from there- RADIW21.
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Here is one closer picture of the polish when it`s cold and the colour is magenta ->

And here are the pictures with the whole manicure:

When it`s cold your nails will look like that ->

One picture of the transition ->

And when your hands are warm the polish will look like that ->

I love it mostly in magenta! 
For the decoration on my middle and ring fingers I used only acrylic paints. I made the gradient with a flat brush and the One Stroke technique and then painted the other elements.

Hope you like it! :)

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