вторник, 22 май 2012 г.

dear RUS mood polish 3

Hello everyone!

I will not talk again how I love theese mood polishes and I`ll just show you the pictures of this beauty :)

The polish is again from dear RUS and the number is LAD554. It`s very strange colour which I can`t describe- something between purple and brown (when it`s cold).
Here are two pictures with and without flash ->>>

With flash
Without flash

And here are the pictures, as usual, first one with the polish when my hands are cold ->

Here it is, captured with the transition ->

And one picture when my hands are warm and the polish is light brown ->

A few words for the decoration as well- I made something like butterflies on my ring finger nails, using white acrylic paint. Then added Swarovski crystals which I have from Born Pretty Store (don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code if you decide to buy something from their store- RADIW21).

And that`s it from me for now! Have a nice and calm day to all of you (yes, I mean calm because of the forced earthquake that we had this night :( I hope I`ll never have the same feeling again in my life!!! Thank God we are alive! ).

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  1. wow their changes are soo extreme I love it lol :)) i got my polishes today! yay, thank you for the extra bottle. youre so sweet.

    1. Yes, they are so good! I love them. I`m so happy you finally got your polishes! :) Have fun with them! :)

  2. Hi.I found you trough Kelly - Develish Polish blog, and I am happy because you make beautiful nail art that is very inspiring for me. We share the same passion, so I am happy to be one of your followers!

    1. Thank you for liking my art and be a follower of my blog! Enjoy! :)

  3. Love this! I'll definitely have to try it! I'm obsessed with nail polish too! Check out my blog, would love it if you followed! I promise to follow back :) xoxo

    1. Hi Clara! I`m glad we share one pasion for polishes! :) I`ll defenetely follow you :)