събота, 7 април 2012 г.

Baby pink

I was planning to show you all of my Stilettos today, but I`ll leave the rest for tomorrow, because I`ve just recieved some new stamping plates and I couldn`t resist to try some of them. So I`m showing you what I`ve just done to my nails ->>>

I wanted to try that baby pink polish long time ago but now the time has come :) It`s Flormar Supershine 29- great baby pink creme, applied in two thick coats on my nails. Mmmm so tender.... :)

One closer picture of the polish without the decoration:

As for the decoration I used this Konad m65 look-like stamping plate (it`s not real Konad, so don`t watch the number on it :D ) and white Konad paint:

You can order this stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. And don`t forget the -10% off coupon code- RADIW21

I made the whole stamp only on my middle and ring fingers. For the others I used part of the whole picture- one circle in that case and apply it in different places of the nails. As you see, I added little hexagon pink glitters in the centre of the circles I chose. And finally, applied a coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat and I can`t stop watching them- I love the result! :)

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