понеделник, 2 април 2012 г.

Peacock feathers

Today I decided to try some of my new polishes from Catrice- their new colours with new brush. I love greens, so I stopped my eye on "King of Greens".

I don`t know how to describe this polish, because it has between shimmer and pearl undertone.

One picture with closer look of the polish in the bottle ->>>

The new brush is verry comfortable because of the oval form. I apply the polish easily and in two coats for perfect coverage.

As for the ring finger, I used this two polishes, applied with a piece of sponge ->>>
Flormar Supershine 50, 48

I made a peacock feathers stamp over it using this Bundle Monster BM-212 stamping plate and black polish Brooklin 02- perfect for stampings!

A coat of top coat and my peacock nails are done! :) Hope you like it! :)

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