събота, 7 април 2012 г.

Long Stiletto Nails

I wanted to show you my try with the Stiletto nails and I`ll do it in the next posts. I made them a long time ago and I didn`t stay much with them because I have a little child and the long nails weren`t very practical :) But they were beautiful though.
I`ll separate them in two posts- the longest I had and a little shorter ones. 
I`m starting with the long ones ->>>

I made them with UV gel. For the decoration I used a piese of sponge which helped me to apply the white polish here and there and then I made the spider web and the flowers with acrylic paints.

I added an UV gel ring to be finished and perfect ->

And a closer look of the ring ->

And I have nothing more to say. Do you like Stiletto Nails?

2 коментара:

  1. Gorgeous again!
    I can't say i have seen a design made by you which i didn't like.
    I really like your style, elegant, girly, just how i like it!
    I was wondering about the rings...have you got a tutorial on them? I'm doing jewelry myself at the moment, but i'd love to see how you archive this!

    1. Thanks again. Glad you like them! I haven`t got tutorial for the rings, but I think someone showed one the same way in the Nails Magazine how to- demos. I`ll make a post with all my rings some day :)