събота, 7 април 2012 г.

The year of the Dragon

Hello my frinds!
Today is saturday and I`ll show you some designs I`ve made myself. So let`s first start with this one ->>>

As this year is the Year of the Dragon I wanted to paint some dragons on my nails. And this is what I did. Theese cute little dragons are all hand painted with acrylic paints and for my right hand I made it with the Transfer technique, because I couldn`t make it so cute using my left hand for sure :)
For the other nails I made regular white french using Flormar Supershine 20 for the base (this is the polish I usually use for french base no matter the colour of the french)  and Flormar Supermatte M103 (the white one).  And then I painted some snowflakes and snow.
*note: as many people ask that question- I don`t use stickers for the french smile- I do it all myself with my both hands and using the brush of the polish :)

I made the dragon on tips first but I couldn`t wait to see it on my nails :)

So, let`s celebrate the Year of the Dragon with this cuteness! Hope you like it, too! :)

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