понеделник, 16 април 2012 г.


Hello my friends!
Today I decided to polish my nails in GOSH Holographic- the greatest holographic polish I`ve ever had!

As I`ve said- I love holographic polishes and I have much of them only from Catherine Arley, but this one is GORGEОUS!!!

Some people say you don`t have to use base coat with this polish because it`s difficult to apply (or you have to use water base), but I applied a coat of Avon`s Mineral Fix, let it dry and then applied two coats of this beauty ->>>

My nails are soooo sparkylicious in the sun :)))
One closer picture of the rainbow it makes ->>>

On my ring finger I applied the polish in diagonal. Then I made the flower and the other elements using acrylic paints. One sparkling glitter dot in the middle of the flower. And finally, of course, a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

I took one picture on lamp and without the focus to show the rainbow in it ->>>

I can`t stop watching my hands in the sun!!! What about you? Do you like holographic polishes?

I`m adding one picture with my toes, polished in the same polish, a year ago ->>>

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