понеделник, 23 април 2012 г.

Hot chocolate


I`m in a mood for stamping theese days, so today`s decoration on my nails is with stampings as well.

But first- the polish. It`s from the new ones of my favourite brand Catrice- 720 "Bruno Brownani" :) You know, their new colours, new brushes.. Great brush! I`m making the oval easier with it. The colour is dark brown creme which reminds me of hot chocolate :)

The polish is thick enough and it`s perfect in two coats. I have to note that it`s without top coat on the pics (only on the pic with the stamping it has a top coat). Great  shine and fast drying. I didn`t have to wait after I polished my nails to put the stampings. It was alredy dried :)

For the stampings I used a stamping plate from the Konad look- like ones- m73.

And this Catrice` polish, which I have from a friend abroad ->>>

It`s from the limited edition collection "Welcome to Las Vegas"- C03 Star Of The Show.
One closer picture to see the multicoloured sparkles in the stamping ->>>

And that`s all for today, my friends! Hope you enjoy it! :)

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