неделя, 8 април 2012 г.

Edge Nails

As I promissed, I`m showing you my try with the Edge nails as well, made on my nails :)

This was the beginning ->>>

Transpаrent nails as you can see, because I wanted to underline the glass effect :)

The decoration is made with acrylic paints and the One Stroke technique. And I added some black pearls.

This one I made with black french and nail stickers, which didn`t last much on my nails- they peeled off quickly. One picture with my toes to match :) ->

Next one- holographic polish from Catherine Arley and a decoration with acrylic paints.

Nonstandart two- coloured french in green and pink for the spring with beautiful butterflies, made with the One Stroke technique ->>>

And the last one I had was this beautiful red french which I liked a lot ->>>

All hand- painted with acrylic paints! One picture of my toes, matching the manicure ->

 And that`s it from me for today! Hope you like what I`ve just upload :) I`m wishing you to have a nice and lazy Sunday! :-D

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