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Ylin mood polish 2

Yesterday I recieved the two more colour changing polishes that I purchased from Born Pretty Store. As I was pretty much happy with the first one I decided to have two more :) And of course I`m happy again and with the new ones. I defenetely recommend you this store, because they`re kind and really fast delivering. Low prices are preference. Great choice!
I`ll remind you the -10% off coupon code if you want to use it in Born Pretty Store- RADIW21 . It`s valid for every item till 30.12.2012.
Ok now, let`s move on with the review ->>>

If you read my blog you already know the brand Ylin with my first review of that type of polish. 
Only this time the polish is pink/ white coloured. It`s pink when it`s cold and white when my hands are warm.
I`ll show you the pink one first ->>>

Really nice colour of pink, don`t you think?

Next one is with the transition ->>>

Here is the time to note that you have to apply this polish more carefully if you don`t want to see stripes when it gets white, because the polish is more watery. I recommend 3 coats for the best result. I applied two and I see the stripes on my pointer. But they only can be seen when the polish is white/ my hands are warm.
Here is a picture with my both hands warmed ->>>

It dries a little slow, but I solve the problem with Seche Vite dry fast top coat! :)

I took some interesting pictures during it`s colour transition ->>>

A few words for the decoration I chose- I used black (and a little white) acrylic paint and detailed brush to paint the lace on my middle and ring fingers.

And that`s it! What can you say about this gorgeous mood polish? I think my nails look so tender in that colour. Don`t waste your time, ladies, and order yours from Born Pretty Store!

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