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Ylin mood polish :)

Hello my friends! Today I`ll show you a great colour changing polish that I`ve just recieved today from this wonderful on-line store- . They have free shiping for all over the world and verry low prices. I`ll even give you a 10% off coupon code for this site which can be used unlimmited times `till 30.12.2012 for everything in the site- RADIW21. So enjoy your ordering- I`m sure you`ll have 100% satisfaction, just like I had.
Well, I`m in love with this polish!

It`s light blue/ purple polish from the brand Ylin. I use a polish like that for the first time. I mean- this is so sensitive polish that even if I blow on my nails the colour will change :) I have used other mood polishes from other brands, but this one is the most sensitive of all.

I applied two coats, but the polish is thick enough and in one coat. You have to apply it carefully because its texture isn`t like the most polishes- it`s more watery. If you don`t apply it carefully everywhere it may become with stripes here and there. But when you apply the second layer it will cover them all. As I said- GREAT POLISH!!!
Here you are some pictures of my nails with the decoration- the flowers in the corner of my middle and ring fingers are made with the polish, others are handpainted with acrylic paints. I added little hexagon glitters in the middle of each flower.

When it`s cold the polish looks like that ->>>

One picture of the transition ->>>

And when it`s warm your nails will look like that ->>>

During the rest you will have irregular french on your nails with light blue nail beds and purple french at the free end . Verry interesting and funny polish! You`ll have different manicure in every moment. So don`t hesitate and order it from Born Pretty Store. I will orther other colours from this brand for sure!
Hope you like it! :)

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  1. WOW That nail are is even more awesome with this color changing nail polish! :D

    1. Ha ha yes, the same flowers you liked in black and gold. :) I paint them often and they are beautiful in every colour. :)