неделя, 25 март 2012 г.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

This time I will show you one colour from Catrice, that is so fresh and nice but with awfull consistency! :(  It`s Catrice 390 'Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!'. I`m so sad to admit that, but it`s too thick polish and if you don`t carefully apply it,  it may became striped. Other minus of this polish is that I`ve got baloons all over the nails :( I don`t know if I have to blame myself for that or it`s just because of the polish, but I`ve got this for the first time. 
Anyway, here is the polish ->>>
It`s between yellow and green creme polish with soft shimmer in it which can be seen only in definite angle in the sun. Here you can see it in the bottle ->>>

I applied two coats to cover the stripes I`ve got :-/ And a coat of top coat.

As for the decoration on my ring fingers I made the gradient effect using sponge and yellow, orange and green polishes. Then I outlined the black lines with acrylic paints to make this design. Here is a video tutorial ->>>

Hope you like it, despite my problems with applying the polish.

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