събота, 24 март 2012 г.


Hello friends! Today is a little lazy saturday, so I will show you some designes that I`ve done a long time ago but the readers of my blog  maybe haven`t seen them. I`m starting with this one, which I called "Purplelized" by the name of the polish I used ->>>

The polish is dark purple, more like the eggplant colour with foil and shimmer finish.

Two coats are enough for full coverage.

Catrice 'Purplelized'

As for the decoration, I used acrylic paints for the flower and for the white french. First I outlined the 'drops' in the french and then filled in the space around them to look like french. A little dots here and there and the design is ready :)

Here you are another photo of the polish Catrice 430 'Purplelized' but with different sort of decoration that I already explained HERE.

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  1. Един от любимите ми цветове <3 А декорациите ти както винаги са разкошни :)

    1. Благодаря ти, Пух! Да, наистина много красив цвят! :) Но аз съм им фен на Катрисите, както сигурно знаеш, и не мога да кажа лоша дума за тях :)))