понеделник, 12 март 2012 г.

Magnetic polish

Hello friends! Today I`m gonna show you two colours of the magnetic polishes Golden Rose:

A blue- green one ->
Golden Rose Magnetic 09

Golden Rose Magnetic 09

And a purple one ->
Golden Rose Magnetic 03
Golden Rose Magnetic 03

One coat is enough. The polishes have magnets as well in the box with the polish, but the magnet has only this effect. 

Golden Rose Magnetic 09, 03

It`s verry easy to do it- apply one coat of the polish and then hold the magnet near above the nail for 10-15 seconds. And don`t forget to shake the bottle after every nail is polished because otherwise the magnet may not work.
Easy and quick way to get your nails done with interesting design when you don`t have much time for that.

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