неделя, 25 март 2012 г.

Me To You

Today I`ll focus my eye on the 'Me To You' decorations from my nail art albums. Theese cute little creatures allways make me smile. When I made them for the first time on my nails everybody liked them. And this was the beginning of a whole new nail series for me :) The cherry of the cake was making them for Christmas- everybody wanted to have them on their nails :) But I`ll show you the Christmas series in the next post because they are much more.
Let`s start with this one ->>>

This one I painted straight on my nails but the next ones I`ve made using the transfer technique that I often use for the animations.

As you see, I made a few tips with this cute bears
and the result on nails didn`t took long time to release :)

This 'Me To You' wave went all over the world which made me so happy. Many people began to paint them on nails inspired by me :))) I just LOVE them! :)

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