петък, 9 март 2012 г.

Mouse and cheese

This is a funny design that I saw from a German manicurist called MaLeoLa. So I`m thankful to her for this design. I made it on my nails and it caused so manny smiles on other people`s faces when they saw my nails :) Anyway, here`s the design. I didn`t want to paint mice on every nail so I decided to make some mice`s tails instead of a mouse.

I used for the cheese a yellow colour from my favourite brand here, in Bulgaria- Catrice. The name of the polish is "Bye, Bye Birdy!" and is so sunny and bright colour.

I added some elements that imitate the holes in the cheese with acrylic paint. The mice are painted with acrylic paints as well using the One stroke technique. I think they`re soooo cute :)

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