понеделник, 12 март 2012 г.

Waterdecals II

Another design made by me with the waterdecals for nails is this one->

Catrice 'Carame' Berry Bazaar

Here we have more than just the decals, so let`s start with the polish. Great karmin red coloured creme polish from the limmited edition collectin 'Carame' from Catrice- 'Berry Bazaar'. Great in one coat but I aplied two and without top coat on the picture below(!):

Catrice Berry Bazaar

As for the ring fingers- I used acrylic paints and the well- known One stroke technique to make the gradient look. When it was dry I placed the waterdecals(the second desing in the pic below). And applied top coat.

Waterdecals for nails

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