вторник, 20 март 2012 г.

Catrice 480 'Miss Piggy Reloaded' vs. Pastel 05

Hello friends! 
Yesterday I showed you some of my new Pastel polishes. Hope you liked them. I found that the pink one- Pastel 05 looks similar to one of Catrice`s polishes- 'Miss Piggy Reloaded' so I made a little comparison between them:

First look- Pastel is a little darker than Catrice.

You can see that the shimmer in Pastel is more than in Catrice. So let`s have a closer look ->>>

Another difference between both is that Pastel needs two coats for full coverage and the Catrice`s one needs three coats.
As you may know I am a huge fan of Catrice polishes but this time I liked Pastel more. Maybe it`s because of the more gold shimmer in it which makes it sparkle in the sun :)

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