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Marie-> Aristocats (Transfer technique)

As I promissed, I`ll show you a technique that can be usefull if you can`t draw with your left hand but you want both hands to have decorations.

I saw this technique on the You tube and I made a video tutorial monts ago->>>

And this was the begining of whole series of Aristocats, Me to You, the Smurfs, Tom & Jerry and so on animated characters that found place in my  Nail art albums. I`ll show you every design in different post so it`ll be interesting to you. This cat is soooo cute- I love it! The video shows haw you can paint the cat itself. You can paint it with acrylic paints, as well, but the base is required to be polish so you can peel off the decoration when it dries. And remember- do not make this type of decoration if you don`t plan to place it soon on your nails, because the more time it stays with no use, the more it dries and could be broken easily when you try to place it on your nails.
How to place it on your nails. When the decoration is ready to use, apply the base coat polish on your nails and let it dry a few seconds to a minute. Then using tweezers carefully place it on your nail and press it gently to stick anywhere. The base polish of the decoration will stick to the polish of your nail, no need of glue. Then just apply top coat and you`re ready! It`s so easy if you can paint. That is how I have beautiful decoratons on both hands` nails. I use this technique always when I paint cartoons.
As you see, on the ring fingers, I have small paws that I have made using black and white Konad paint and this nail plate->>>

Funny and catching eye design that many of you already liked! I`ll post other pictures of Marie design that I have made:

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