събота, 17 март 2012 г.

Pink wishes

Hello friends!
Today I`m going to show you one design that has been made using only stamping for the decoration. 

Essie- Mod Squad

But, as you know, first we start with the polish.
 I used Essie "Mod Squad"- great candy pink cream polish which needs 2 coats to be perfect.
I couldn`t catch the real colour in one picture so I made a few of them.

Essie- Mod Squad
Without sunlight and flash
Essie- Mod Squad
With direct sunlight

Essie- Mod Squad
On daylight but without direct sunlight

And for the stampings I used this Konad m71- look- like stamping plate and white Konad paint ->

Stamping plate

Before I place the figure on the ring finger I made the arc by deleting part of the figure using an ear stick and then placed in on the nail. I added some small hexagon pink glitters to underline the arc I`ve made. And of course a coat of my favourite Seche Vite dry fast top coat.
And thats it. I like the result- so tender and girly! Hope you like it, too! :)

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