понеделник, 12 март 2012 г.

Waterdecals III

And the third design that I have for now with waterdecals is this one ->

Classics Metallic 03

The peacock feathers match perfect with the colour of the polish - a gold- brown- green. It`s Classics Metallic 03 (3 coats on the picture).

Classics Metallic 03

Some people say that this polish is just like Peridot from Channel, but I haven`t got the second one and I can`t tell for sure. All I can tell is that this polish is great!
And here are the decals:
Waterdecals for nails

And that`s it for now for the waterdecals. I have lots of cartoon waterdecals, too, but I`ll show them to you when they are placed on nails.

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  1. Всичките ти произведения са страхотни, а този лак на Класикс направо ми взе ума!

    1. Благодаря ти! А лака е наистрина страхотен! :)