понеделник, 19 март 2012 г.

New Polishes!

Hello friends!
What I`m going to show you today is my new polishes from Pastel. This is a Turkish brand that I try for the first time but I`m sure I`ll love it! I bought some of them to try them but I really liked the colours!

From left to right: 16, 05, 32, 17, 123

I couldn`t wait to try the pink one and I`m showing you some pictures of it ->>

Pastel 05

I think two coats are enough
It`s light pink creme polish with lots of gold shimmer in it!

Another colours review- Pstel 17 ->>>

And Pastel 123 ->>>

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  1. Тези Пастели са вълшебни просто. Особено първите два. Страхотни лакове.