неделя, 11 март 2012 г.

Ring in the red

And I`ll show you one manicure that is mostly based on the polish itself- China Glaze 'Ring in the red'

China Glaze- Ring in the red

That is great red glittered polish which reminds me of Christmas verry much. Maybe it`s because that was the time I bought this polish for me :) Anyway, great polish as I said, soooo sparkling!
3 coats of it on the pictures.
China Glaze- Ring in the red

For the bow I used Konad m59 stamping plate and red polish

Konad m59 stamping plate

I`ll show you another picture of this polish where it is in 2 coats, but on shorter nails ->>>

China Glaze- Ring in the red

And a close up- look on the ring as well:

UV gel ring

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